Natural Solid Deodorant Bars

Orange and Grapefruit NaturaL Deodorant Bar

Tangy, zesty mouth-watering fragrance to make your underarm smell and feel clean.

Standard, Sensitive and Vegan options available. 

Lemon and Lime Natural Deodorant Bar

Zingy luscious tart fragrance that creates sunshine fragrances without any synthetic perfumes.

Standard, Sensitive and Vegan options available. 

Rose and Geranium Natural Deodorant Bar

Beautifully floral aromatic fragrance to uplift your day.

Standard, Sensitive and Vegan options available.

Lime and Teatree Natural Deodorant Bar

Earthy, fresh and invigorating as your daily deodorant for long lasting freshness.

Standard, Sensitive and Vegan options available. 

Hand Embossed "Pit-Tastic!" Travel Tin

Great re-usable item that means your solid deodorant bar can travel with you.


Paraben Free, Aluminium Free, Zero Nasties.


Solid deodorant bar 100% biodegradable including packaging


Formulated and created in Devon UK


Four fabulous fragrances in Standard, Sensitive, Vegan options that keep you odour free.


***Holy Moly! It works

“even throughout a day and night of my menopausal hot flashes! 🙂 
The bar smooths on easily, smells beautifully fresh, and kept me dry and sweet-smelling all day – with all-natural ingredients, no nasty additives, FOUR lush fragrances to try AND a cute hand-stamped tin to keep the bars in! Winner – I’m a convert! 🙂 

I think it is way nicer than any of the male-specific products out there

“***I was looking for an eco-friendly deodorant solution and tried Pit-Tastic. The fragrance is great, not at all overpowering. In fact, I think it is way nicer than any of the male-specific products out there. The most important question though is did it keep me sweet-smelling?
Having just returned from a trip to Africa where the temperature was over 30′ every day I can honestly say yes, it works amazingly well. Oh, and it lasts ages and didn’t cause any issues getting on and off aeroplanes with liquids…so double winner.
Overall, I highly recommend this.”

What an amazing product

“***What an amazing product that works perfectly and smells gorgeous. So love it’s case too. Highly recommend”


Hi! My name is Alice, creator of Pit-Tastic! Natural Deodorants.

I live in the beautiful Devon UK in Ottery St Mary. I love to try to be as natural and as plastic free as possible in my everyday life and work.

Pit-Tastic! Natural deodorants were formulated by myself over a year ago just after I had a Stroke. Mixing and stirring the perfect solid bar helped me rebuild my mind and body immensely and in the future is something I wish to connect with others over a cup of tea and chat.

I love my deodorant and use it everyday. I hope you do too!

Pop over to my page for more about me and my journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Find everything and every answer to anything you need to know about Pit-Tastic! 

How do I put it on?

Keep your bar in a cool place (avoiding direct sunlight) and simply smooth the bar under your arms to cover your arm pits a few moments before you dress. There is no need to wet the bar, just re-apply as you require.

Why is your bar Aluminium free?

Antiperspirants that contain aluminium salts that help plug your pores so you don’t sweat as much, however these clogged pores can contribute to your natural body’s toxin outlet (your arm pit) stopping the process. Aluminium can be under the name of aluminium chloralhydrate or aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly.

Pit-Tastic! has been formulated to reduce sweating under arm and eliminate odour with natural ingredients, no need for aluminium.

Is there a Vegan version of the bar?

Yes! All four fragrances are available in a non-Beeswax version Vegan bar. Same solid plastic free bar, same undeniable freshness.

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