Monday moments; A word on “vulnerability” from me to well, me.

This to me is taking a step in to the vulnerability abyss and for some of the very first times I am managing to express myself in writing again to you (with the help of lovely friends spell checking!) in the hope that my creating of Pit-Tastic! may also shed some love and light your way.

In the past I believe that I’ve been pretty damn rock hard in the world of work. Big businesses, big money, big board meetings where I stood tall amongst the testosterone thrown my way (trust me, that happened a LOT). Therefore to me I became thick skinned. Numbed down to refuse to give perhaps. Standing tall when I felt weak and rarely allowing a glimpse of fear or sadness ESPECIALLY when I was in front of a board of people. It was my norm. My power to make sure no one else could chop away at me.
Now this for me has its issues. I’m no longer in the same skin, no longer up against the board, no longer standing presenting to many my words of wisdom. Indeed and in fact I actually lost them all. No words, no bravado so who the hell am I and where has “Rock hard Alice” gone?
This “issue” was causing me a huge block in my business creativity. I just couldn’t move forward- from the marketing communications specialist to well…

Only after watching “Brene Brown” from my lovely friend’s recommendation has something triggered. Allowing myself to be vulnerable and to try to show this to others has unleashed happiness in me.

Yeah, this week I still can’t work out how to fold a paper crane, lost two car parking tickets and still can’t work out anything around legal jargon but who else has these issues? Quite a few I expect.

Vulnerability. You should try it.…