Kate is an accredited Living Practitioner & Nutrition Coach living in Devon with her husband, young family and cocker spaniel. It is her mission to bring living nutrition and natural health to all those who want to upgrade their wellbeing to a new empowering and energised way of being.

I was lucky enough to be given a pit-tastic deodorant for Christmas. I had spent many years searching high and low for a deodorant that not only worked but didn’t contain any of the nasty chemicals and toxins that are sky high in many of our beauty products today. I was over the moon when it worked in Sri Lanka on my honeymoon! So why am I so passionate about natural, healthy and empowering food and products for us human beings?

My interest turned to fascination when I first dived into the health and wellness industry back in 2014. The more research I did the more I was dumbfounded with the enormity of ‘healthy foods’ and ‘heathy beauty products’, that still contained huge amounts of toxins and chemicals that certainly are not beneficial for us to either ingest let alone have on our skin. Pre-World War II, organic food and pure products were abundant and very little (if not any) herbicides, insecticides, fungicides were used on the land for growing our vegetables, fruit and other food produce. However, by time chemicals were soon introduced and in turn this did allow for an abundance of food to be grown and produced. However, what effect has this had and is having on the health of our own bodies and minds?

We are really beginning to see a pandemic across the world, with an increase of health conditions and ailments such as weight gain, heart disease, diabetes type 2, Alzheimer’s, poor skin, anxiety, depression, acid reflux, cancers, influenza, asthma, autoimmune diseases, and the list goes on. And there are many factors contributing to health and wellness which always need evaluation and exploring in great depth when there someone’s life in the balance. However, one thing that we do know for sure, is that the body is incredible and more often or not, it knows how to heal itself given the right environment and nourishing foods to support its’ system. In addition to this, our body is literally a fantastic waste disposal unit and can be exceptionally efficient in disposing of the numerous toxins that we place on our bodies and we ingest through our food. However, it is small wonder that our bodies and minds fall into ill health when we simply abuse the very machine that allows us to live our lives.

Now the interesting thing here is that the main reason that we ‘smell’ and get BO, is simply down to the fact of our diets and lifestyle. Can you imagine all that toxic build up from the food we eat, our drinks of choice, and the beauty products we use on our skin? And did you know that our skin is our biggest organ in our body, a living a breathing organ and that absorbs, holds and excretes? Oh how powerful our bodies are! However, if we continually let these ever abundant toxins build up in our bodies with no relief, then ailments and conditions can occur AND our smells as humans can become very fruity if not downright unpleasant! And so to live well and healthy AND find a deodorant that works!

But why am I talking about deodorants and not anti-perspirants? Now, I commonly do find much confusion in the market place regarding this topic and therefore I will explain the difference. The typical anti-perspirants that we see commonly on the shelves today use chemicals, additives and heavy metals to block sweat, and in turn, this blocks pores. This then leads to our fabulous skin organ that breathes, absorbs, holds and excretes, to be blocked and we wonder why ill health sometimes occurs. Now deodorants work differently and they are what our bodies need to be

healthy, balanced and well. Deodorants (the right ones), will work effectively, leave you feeling awesome and fresh all day, and they will let your skin breath; which is what your skin needs to do. Additionally to this you know that what you are putting on your skin is chemical, additive and heavy metal free and therefore you are giving your body the best chance to not let the nasty toxins accumulate. A toxic body is an unbalanced and unwell body.

That being said, if you can begin a path of health and wellness, start looking and assessing the toxins and chemicals in your environment, your food, your household products and beauty products, it will lead you on a path of fascinating discovery. A path to feeling great, powerful, confident and balanced and clear. It is these toxins and chemicals that create the imbalances within us. And it is these imbalances that leave us living a life that is not full of passion, vitality, clarity and energy. Which life do you want to choose?

So the time has come to look at the health and wellness industry with a magnifying glass and do your due diligence. However, with pit-tastic I know for a fact that it does what it says on the tin and works so incredibly well that all my friends and family will be getting them for their birthdays and Christmas’ one by one!

By Kate Elgar DLN CLC

‘Creating Awareness to Inspire Change