Afternoon all! We are really ecstatic to be awarded with our “HERO” badge from My Green Pod.

My whole Pit-Tastic! formulation, business and future is based on trying to create a product that as ethical, green, plastic free and as fun as I can make it. Working with My Green Pod and now being able to buy via their market place ( is amazing to be a part of the “Pod”

My Green Pod was founded by Katie Hill and Jarvis Smith they wanted to share the real stories behind the brands and people working tirelessly to offer ethical alternatives to mainstream products and services. You might not see these options on the high street – but they are on These ‘Hero’ products and services support the shift to a more conscious lifestyle – and may help you save some cash (while having some fun) on the way!

“Unlike any other company we know, we meet and connect personally with the owners of the companies we work with. We do this because we believe authentically ethical products and services can only be produced and supplied with conscious, heartfelt intent. Plenty of businesses are cashing in on the trend towards natural and organic products, but if those companies are cutting corners to be the first to market – whether in their packaging, their supply chains, their ingredients or their staff welfare – they won’t be featured here. This isn’t something you can check by visiting a website, so we go behind the scenes to investigate the company’s entire DNA.”