I literally have the tune of Elvis going round and round in my tiny mind today “a little less conversation a little more action please”… but instead I am saying “little less stuff a little more action please”… yes, I know I am bonkers (but all the best people are) but the reason for this ear worm is this;

I have researched, read, spoken to, tested, thought and even had sleepless nights about how to create something, a “”thing that is as green as possible that will help me pay my way in life. That “thing” happened to be Pit-Tastic a natural, paraben free, zero waste deodorant that would work on me or anyone one else for that matter.

There are other deodorants out there, the majority that I have tried on myself, most did not work as effectively as I needed and nearly all of them had packaging that could not be composted and some that even had my nemesis PLASTIC (dah dah DAHHHH!) as the applicator.

Then came the day when I knew that my natural deodorant wasn’t to be a powder or a roll on but to create a bar that so many other people who used shampoo bars to reduce plastic were raving about. GENIUS I thought.

Many people put makeup on with their hands. I use foundation most days and blend using my fingers. Eyeshadow again the same. We moisturise after the shower or put face cream on or slather creams on to the body.

So why am I getting requests that “my deodorant gets on my hands when I apply it to my under arm” or “is there an applicator that I can use” or even “why do you not put your Pit-Tastic! in a card tube to apply it?

I listen to my customers, I ponder and think of solutions to their needs and wants with my products. I “could” put it in a tube, however, card is a heavier process than paper. The tube gets wax on it from the bars- this makes it difficult to recycle. I could create a prototype for an applicator. I have a beautiful idea of a shell of metal to put the bar on, however again- ,metal- production-energy-pollution-argh!

I came to this conclusion. Pit-Tastic! is best applied in its solid state with your hand by wiping it underarm. I have to keep to my reasons and morals to why I created this bar in the first place.

Simply by keeping the bar cool, even in a jar or tin in your fridge means no extra packaging or gadgets. Longevity of your deodorant and there should be hardly any residue on your hands.

For some keeping your deodorant in the fridge may be somewhat new and obscure. But all of these little small changes for us all build up to huge movements against pollution, global warming and the destruction of our planet.

Small changes, little actions every day mean everything to us all.