My heart is literally screaming on the inside every time I see one of the dreaded blue non-recyclable masks discarded on the floor. Where have all of the crusaders gone who were so inspired to make these litter free promises to our earth? Did the issues of our planet from Sir David Attenborough literally go in one ear and out of the other as soon as the shit hit the fan with the Pandemic?

Instead of the steady decline back down the slope towards wrapping our lives in plastic how about we keep trying the small changes?

A washable facemask of two to rotate as required? Small changes in the home to wipe down that will not pollute the water that we drink? Small changes that do not deforest the planet when we use palm oil that is still in so many products of the supermarket shelves.

The disposable coffee cup has crept up due to the need for potential contamination control. Contactless Coffee can be a way to serve coffee in a reusable without any contamination or transmission between the customer and the staff member, Reusable coffee cups have been deemed safe to use by experts, so long as they are thoroughly washed between uses.

Keep using your reusable containers for at home to stay in the habit. “The more you’ll introduce reusables back in your home life, the more you’ll remember them when you’re out and about again,”

Make the most of new-found lockdown cooking skills, and make your own picnics rather than buying a load of plastic-wrapped food. “If you’re seeing friends and that involves a picnic, get everyone to bring a dish,”

Download the Refill app to help City to Sea track places that are now accepting reusables like coffee cups, water bottles and Tupperware’s.

The Food Standards Agency says “there is no need to avoid buying loose fruit and veg” because of Covid-19, while zero-waste service Loop has just launched in the UK.

Small changes, daily changes, habitual changes all make a massive impact to our planet.