Warm welcome to everyone reading the real life stories below.

This story is written by the wonderful Anna around her thoughts, feelings and experience of her own journey.


Happy to- coming out the other side drug free.

Have learned a lot from The Chilled Menopause, The Private Menopause Room and Menopausal Mayhem- all on Facebook. Just reading the lists of symptoms is a good start because then you know you’re not going mad.

The worst thing for me was being absolutely vile to people I love, knowing I was being a total bitch but unable to stop it. I also went through a period of quite intense paranoia where I was convinced everyone at work was talking about me and laughing at me. I was feeling nauseous all the time with gripy pains and lots of weird allergies for the first time. Eventually I was diagnosed with a mass  behind my ovary and urgent surgery. Thankfully it was ‘just’ a twisted ovary and tube and endometriosis which was all removed. Since then I’ve felt dramatically better but I don’t know if it was coincidental.

I’m 3 stone overweight, I’ve gone grey during the lockdowns and my periods have been finished for a year. It’s all so liberating! I’m not going down the HRT route if I can help it- getting by with gin and cake for now!