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Gift Set PitTastic in Hand Embossed Travel Tin


Tangy, zesty mouth-watering that make your underarm smell and feel clean.

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Gift Set PitTastic! Four minature 10g PitTastic Fragrances in Hand Embossed Travel Tin.

Mini deodorant fragrance blends are; 1.Orange and Grapefruit/2.Lemon and Lime/3.Rose and Ylang-ylang/4.Lime and Teatree

Four minature deodorant bars nestled in a hand embossed travel tin. Great to gift to friends and family without any plastic, parabens or aluminium.

-100% plastic free and fully biodegradable from wrapper to bar.

-Ethically sourced with sustainable ingredients

-Zero Aluminium, Parabens or Palm Oil.

All of our solid deodorant bars are made with pure distilled essential oils.

Minimum weight of the bar is 10g with four 10g mini bars

Keep the bars in a cool spot or even in the fridge. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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Weight 0.4 kg

Standard, Vegan, Sensitive, Vegan/Sensitive


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